What’s On

Wednesday Nights @ Mill Hill Jazz Club from 8.30pm

The Mill Hill Jazz Club is run by Valerie O’Doherty and has been running successfully for many years as one of the best value clubs around. Each week we feature a host of top class jazzmen and women ranging from established international stars through to newly discovered and rapidly developing fresh young talent.

Meeting every Wednesday in the clubhouse of the Mill Hill Golf Club our admission price is one of the lowest around.

Val's Jazz Jam

Grief !!!   It's the end of August already.  Lets keep the sunshine going with the highlight of the month - our Jazz Jam.  

Bring your voices, instruments and enthusiasm along for some late summer songs and surprises setting the scene for some smashing .....errrr.....Jazz.

The house band of Paolo Losi, Steve Picking and Mike Paxton will keep things moving along nicely. 

£5 members, £6 Guests

Zoe Frances and Jim Mullen

Zoe Francis is a singer to listen out for. She communicates a love and understanding of the classic American songbook with the lightest of touches. It sounds easy and casual until you notice how deftly each turn of phrase falls in just the right place, both rhythmically and to chime with the meaning of the words.  Zoe started singing while Living in New York for a while. Learning her craft through Barry Harris workshops and singing in small venues in Manhattan with great musicians including Harry Allen and Joe Cohn.  

Zoe has now established herself on the London jazz scene with her first album "Looking For A Boy", a plea to which fabled guitarist Jim Mullen provided the answer!!   The two are now a famed duo and given Jim's unparalleled musicianship are leading lights in the UK Jazz scene.

A fabulous evening awaits us at MHJC.

£8 members, £9 guests

The Marco Marconi Trio

Fast becoming an important name on the UK jazz scene, the Marco Marconi Trio plays jazz standards and original compositions. Combining influences from the past with contemporary ideas, creating swing in a timeless way. Music from the heart making smooth jazz for today...

Following his recent move to the UK, Marco Marconi, an inspirational, upcoming Italian jazz pianist and composer, met highly respected and talented artists, Andrea di Biase (double bass) and Enzo Zirilli (drums) and re-established the Marco Marconi Trio, a project that he had left behind in Italy.

A favourite at MHJC, Marco (one of Val's adoptees)  never fails to deliver the greatest quality music with a passion that can even be seen in the way that he engages with the keyboard with his entire body - heart, soul and everything else.  A real top talent

£8 members, £9 guests

Stewart Curtis' K-Groove

Klezmer, schlezmer and schmaltz - Stewart started his band with a speciality in European Klezma and has constantly added, updated and developed his range to create a unique blend of Latin, Arabic, Funk and Soul.  One of the most gifted woodwind players on the music scene today Stewart writes his own scores and with his talented band gets audiences foot-tapping clapping and yelling for more (especially since half his family turns up at every gig to encourage the applause!).

He has been know to raise a laugh with his repertoire of jokes (the last one was  in 2003 but that doesn't stop him trying).

A fun, happy and smile raising evening in store tonight.

£8 members, £9 guests

Jazz Jam Night

Jammin', slammin and fannin' the flames Val presents her monthly Jam session where talented musicians come to Mill Hill to play for us in front of our regular house band.  (The more players we can put in front of the house band the better!).

Paulo Losi, Steve Picking and Mike Paxton will do their best to keep up with the soloists and they certainly will (most of the time !!).

Seriously the last Wednesday of every month sees an evening of well organised and carefully arranged fun.

£5 members, £6 Guests